As growth in the space transportation industry continues, traditional non-space airspace users are affected more and more by these operations through delays and reroutes. Additionally, the U.S. government is spending additional resources to regulate, develop policies and procedures, and invest in technologies to integrate launches, reentries, and spaceports into the National Airspace System. Traditional airspace users provide a large portion of funds to the Federal Aviation Administration to perform its regulatory and capital investment activities; however, space transportation operators and users do not have any cost transfer mechanism to fund FAA activities or account for impacts on other NAS users impacted by launches and reentries. This debate session will discuss if the status quo is sufficient and sustainable, or if a cost transfer mechanism should apply to spaceports, launch/reentry operators, or their users. The panel will include space representatives from both traditional aviation and space transportation industry.

Session Lead(s):

Andy Cebula - Panelist - Airlines for America
Steve Jangelis - Panelist - Air Line Pilots Association International
Hans Koenigsmann - Panelist - SpaceX
Eric Stallmer - Panelist - Voyager Space Holdings
Zheng Tao - Moderator - Concepts Beyond