Space is a key element in multi-domain operations, enabling weapons and integrating for effects. Whereas space was historically used principally for exquisite, strategic missions, today’s environment sees an increasing demand for space capabilities as an integrating function to the field-deployed warfighter. How do we integrate space into BMC2 systems and networks to delivery rapid decisionmaking, support and warfighting? Where are the continued gaps (e.g., technologies, systems, CONOPS, policies) in our abilities to deliver this multi-domain capability and how can the space enterprise support the closing of those gaps?

Session Participants:

Maj Gen Jay Santee, USAF (Ret.) - Moderator - The Aerospace Corporation

Maj Gen Dawn Dunlop, USAF - Panelist - U.S. Air Force

LTG Daniel Karbler, USA - Panelist - U.S. Army SMDC

Lt Gen Chance Saltzman, USSF - Panelist - U.S. Space Force